Episode 39: It’s All About Good Bookkeeping

Let’s face it, for many of us the financial area of our private practice is not a strength. This is why I often recommend outsourcing billing and bookkeeping services into the hands of experts.

Additionally, the best person equipped for the job may not be in your neighborhood. The solution? Reach out to the best organizations you can for these services. Engage them and ensure the work is done to the level you envision and frankly, deserve. This week we’re hosting Jon Repka from Paro and talking about tips on what to look for when seeking bookkeeping support. 

Episode at a glance:

  • Don’t focus only on the rate per hour when you outsource any labor services.
  • Know the three main areas in your business that will need your attention:
    • Marketing
    • Investing in your staff to retain them
    • Brand positioning and name recognition within the community
  • Your goal should always be to innovate to find better ways to do more production with less people on payroll.

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