Episode 37: Social Media & Internal Marketing Best Practices

This week we’re talking about social media and internal marketing best practices. After PPS, one of the hot topics was marketing and how to get new patients without going out knocking on doors. I brought in our marketing director, Heidi Schmidt, to talk social media and internal marketing best practices.

Key Talking Points

  • Be consistent with you online marketing. Whether you’re active on one social network or five, consistency is key.
  • The types of posts we reference (and we’ll elaborate on these with examples in a blog post soon), are:
    • Value post
    • Recognition post
    • Story post
    • Engagement post
    • Call to action post
  • Some of the resources we referenced are:
  • Unroll.me – Heidi’s magical email management app. Roll up those spammy emails into one email.
  • It’s all about value. What value are you adding to your visitors? Consistently, when it comes to social media, it’s about the “WIIFM” or “what’s in it for me?”
  • The Practice Management Ebook can be downloaded here.
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About Heidi

Heidi is the marketing and social media director for MEG. She comes to us with over 10 years of marketing experience in the agency, nonprofit and healthcare sectors. She’s an expert in Hubspot marketing automation and content marketing methodology. In 2015, a campaign she managed for a healthcare client was awarded the Client Campaign of the Year award at the Inbound Marketing Conference and had generated over $20,000 in revenue and resulted in an 80% year over year increase in website traffic. You can connect with her on Linkedin or Twitter.

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