Episode 315: Three Powerful Ways to Up Your Earnings with Gwen Simons, Esq, PT

If you don’t take the steering wheel of control into your own hands, no one else will. This week, we are honored to welcome accomplished physical therapist and lawyer, Gwen Simons. With these two backgrounds, Gwen brings a unique perspective and provides expertise on the legal do’s and don’ts for creating a streamlined and viable physical therapy business. Learn how to effectively increase your revenue and reduce costs, the right way!

Episode at a glance:

  • Helping small practitioners 
  • DROP your low-paying contracts
  • How to set your rate and clinic schedule
  • The difference between physical therapy and “wellness” 
  • Contact Gwen: gwen@simonsassociateslaw.com 
  • https://simonsassociateslaw.com
The Physical Therapy Guide to Owning a Practice

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