Episode 31: Why Aren’t the Majority of People Successful?

If your physical therapy practice is not where you’d like it to be or if you aren’t living the life you had in mind for yourself as a private practice owner, I want you to know there is something you can do about it. Similarly, if you are currently working for someone else and know in your gut and your heart that you can be more fulfilled running your own practice but have yet to take action, you must know there is a reason for that.

The good news is, both of these scenarios are totally under your control. It’s about having the right MINDSET, surrounding yourself with the right people, and being willing to put in the time to do the work. Let’s face it, Physical Therapy is not rocket science and when you really understand it, it’s a mixture of art and science. 

I have seen far too many really good clinicians make this false assumption that “if I’m a good therapist then I’ll be an equally good private practice owner.” These are not the same thing in any way. Eventually, it will catch up with you that skills are lacking and that the owner life you imagined has not turned out the way you expected it would.   

Episode at a glance:

  • How mindset factors into success.
  • Success comes when you believe enough in yourself to spend the time and money necessary to first, develop yourself, and second, develop your skills, and finally develop those around you.
  • Learn why you should stop taking advice and or being the effect of those around you who frankly don’t have a proven track record of success in what it is that you are wanting to do.  
  • Never be afraid to invest in you no matter what others think.
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