Episode 28: What Startup Owners Need to Know

Whether you’re wanting to start your own physical therapy private practice or you’re looking to open your second office, there is some vitally important information you need to know. Both of these situations require a substantial investment of time and money. Having a coach to guide you through the process and protect you from the landmines that are out there waiting to waste your time and deplete your resources gives you a huge advantage.

Episode at a glance:

  • The single biggest mistake new physical therapy practice owners make is thinking that because they are a good therapist, they will be a good practice owner. 
  • Grasp the concept that your income will be a reflection of how many people you serve and how well you are at providing that service as a part of the patient experience.
  • Ensuring that your spouse is 100% on board with you when you go to start your private practice. 
  • Starting a private practice will cost between $75,000-100,000, however, can be done for less than $50,000 if your space is built out.
Physical Therapy Startup Evaluation

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