Episode 25: Proven Strategies to Get New Patients

It has long been a mystery among PT owners as to how and where to get new patients. I have claimed for many moons that I can get more new patients as easy as turning a faucet on or off.

All it takes is that PR personality and knowing that this is a marathon, not a sprint. You and your staff must be dedicated to putting in the work necessary to get the number of new patients you want.

Episode at a glance:

  • All businesses live and dye by their marketing strategy. You need to first know who your customers are, and you need to know what their expectations are.
  • The pillars of a successful marketing strategy include: the demographics, or knowing who your customer is  (the marketplace reality); and the psychographics, or why they buy (the perceived marketplace reality).
  • Learn this information by surveying your customers to get their demographics like age, gender, where do they live and income level. Psychographic questions could include where they shop, brands they buy (research their ads and what messages they are using).
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