Episode 217: WebPT’s Ascend 2022 Recap with Brian & Rachel

We had a fantastic time at WebPT’s Ascend 2022 Conference in Charlotte, NC! Between our full-length presentation and two round-table “Exchanges”, plus absorbing the great information from others’ sessions, we feel we got a true finger on the pulse of the top challenges, solutions and focuses of physical therapy owners across the country. This is our recap of the event! 

Episode at a glance:

  • Ascend (like PPS & CSM) is an absolute MUST for practice owners 
  • The “Intrapreneur” VS Entrepreneur was a hit 
  • Pay-for-performance was a popular topic 
  • Virtual front desk is coming! 
  • If we could give you a solution to one problem, what problem would you want us to help you solve? 
The Physical Therapy Guide to Owning a Practice

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