Episode 216: Success Story: Practice Empowerment Through Tech Differentiators

Today we welcome guests Ellen Tomsic, PT and Jason Waz, PT to discuss how to reclaim your power in private practice through the use of innovative technology. We know it can be difficult to break from the comfort of how you’ve always done things, but sometimes positive change requires a leap of faith! Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of – apply these tips to soar in private practice.  

 Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Common problems/mistakes of practice owners 
  • Know your cost per visit 
  • 20% of your business must be cash 
  • Add to the value of your therapy 
  • Dropping insurance does not necessarily mean you will lose all those patients 
  • Better motivated staff 
  • Trust your goals 
  • Expand your brand 
  • NeuPTTech 
  • Contact Jason at support@neupttech.com 
2022 Physical Therapy Technology Trends

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