Episode 209: Talking Tech with Vikram from PT Wired

This week we had Vikram Sethuraman, the CEO & Founder of PT Wired, back for another interview! We love how Vikram has brought entrepreneurship and technology advancements to the profession by helping bridge the gap from patients to physical therapists. These are the successful actions that you need to be exploring in 2022. Learn how to take full control of your patients’ journey in this episode! 

Episode at a glance:

  • Help patients make real behavioral change 
  • Extend your patient care outside of your office 
  • Prevent patient dropout 
  • Utilize systems of operation 


  • Demo PT Wired: http://www.ptwired.com/demo
  • Contact Vikram: vikram@ptwired.com
2022 Physical Therapy Technology Trends

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