Episode 208: Key Metrics and Practice Solutions

Entrepreneurs crave three major things in their careers: flexibility, freedom and stability. What is your vision and ideal scene? Let’s get down to the metrics and successful actions that will allow you to achieve your career goals in physical therapy private practice. Now is the time!  

 Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Blissfully discontent 
  • Proforma 
  • Symptom vs. problem 
  • Three income verticals 
  • Annual Business Strategic Plan (BSP) 
  • Rent must = 10% (or less) of GI per year 
  • Bring in 10% of your annual revenue through cash 
  • Get total payroll down to 50% of GI 
  • Pay-for-performance model > Shared-Risk model 
  • Ongoing training system 
  • Establish a management team 


2022 Physical Therapy Technology Trends

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