Episode 197: Our Supply Chain Shortage: Human Capital

Welcome to 2022! We have observed a tremendous surge in difficulty with our owners trying to find high quality therapists, front desk staff, etc. Let’s look at some “whys” behind the staffing shortage and more importantly, identify some solutions. Don’t wait until you’re struggling – it’s time to get into action! 

 Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Approx. 100 million people did not come back to work 
  • Many people did not come back full time 
  • Huge pent-up demand for therapy 
  • Survey your current staff 
  • Staff retention > staff discovery 
  • Investigate your market 
  • Are you displaying your ads in the right places? 
  • Recruitment programs 
  • Coming soon – virtual digital attendant 
  • Pay-for-performance compensation model 
  • Exchange in abundance 
  • Track team accountability 
  • Invest time and money in yourself and your practice to prevent burnout 
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