Episode 193: Business 101: Tracking Stats & Metrics in Private Practice with Marla Ranieri, DPT 

In case you missed their presentation at PPS 2021, we interviewed Marla Ranieri, DPT from BetterHealthcare to discuss the benefits of their platform and how it enables you to provide the best care as a private practice in this digital world. We got amazing feedback from owners all over the country from this conversation, so we wanted to bring this topic to our podcast audience! Take control of your patient experience using this proven technology.  

Episode at a glance:

  • Evolve from the old school form fill 
  • Up your conversion rate 
  • Don’t ignore holes in your practice operations 
  • Don’t commit “treason” on your employees 
  • Digitize your outreach
  • Step into business autonomy 


Reach out to Marla at marla@betterhealthcare.com

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