Episode 191: The Big Boom Part 2: The Future of PT

Let’s move into part 2 of the Big Boom that we’ve experienced after PPS 2021. We talked to some people who may have been holding themselves back from making the right decisions due to being risk-averse. You have to get back to your purpose and ideal scene in private practice. Let’s step into the new paradigm and take an honest look at what’s coming in physical therapy private practice.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Don’t forget the “work” in work-life balance 
  • Let’s collaborate, not compete 
  • 4 ways to attract patients  
  • Brian mentions Martha, he meant Marla Ranieri from BetterHealthcare 
  • Remote digital front desk management system 
  • You did not get business training in PT School 
  • Rethink location/environment 
  • Integrate a team approach 
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