Episode 184: What to Consider as a New Grad

Let’s align on what life is like for a new grad coming out of school today. It’s important that you look to start your career with a clinic that has an emphasis on education (practice owners, take notes). Tune in to learn where to start when taking on your first full-time clinical role.  

 Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Hone your skills 
  • Know your public 
  • Observe the obvious 
  • Be wary of huge money offers 
  • Look for professional enhancement opportunities 
  • Be ready to exchange in abundance 
  • Look for an onboarding Learning Management System 
  • Look at their Standard Operating Procedures and policies 
  • What is the practice model? 
  • Are the owners investing in the practice? 
  • Consider the Compliance measures 
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