Episode 182: Why Do Good Physical Therapy Practices Struggle?

Brian read a great article by Donald Sull titled “Why Good Companies Go Bad” and it got him thinking: how does this apply to physical therapy private practice? Thus he was inspired for this podcast – tune in to learn how these principles apply and how to avoid stagnation in the management of your practice.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Look around: Someone is doing well 
  • Poor leadership = failure 
  • Framework: Narrow-minded assumptions cause you to stagnate  
  • Processes: You can get stuck in a routine and innovation is lost 
  • Relationships: Don’t hang onto people who shouldn’t be there 
  • Values: Believe that you can do things differently  
  • You should be able to grow 15% a year 
  • You have to engage in the change 
  • Look at ways to advance your technology 
  • Strive to achieve greater efficiency 
  • Outsource! (Get your payroll down) 
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