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Episode 171: 5 Best Ways to Scale & Expand Your Practice

When considering ways to scale and expand, it’s best to start by remembering why you went into private practice. In this episode, Brian discusses how to build a practice that has growth capacity and how to continue to scale and expand. Tune in to this episode to align your purpose with strategies for growth!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Budget for the price of doing business increasing 
  • Stay ahead of what you need to confront, before you need to confront it 
  • Expanding: what happens outside your four walls 
  • Scaling: what you can do inside your four walls 
  • Meet your staff’s expectations 
  • Learn how to run a pilot program 
  • Grow your income verticals 
  • You need to assign a senior over the task/department 
  • Be a responsible CEO 
  • You deserve work-life balance 
  • You need a market differentiator  
  • Play your own game 
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