Physical Therapy Career Aligned with Your Life Goals

Episode 169: Is Your Physical Therapy Career Aligned with Your Life Goals?

In this podcast, Brian recalls what it was like to be 28 years old first starting out in this career. Do you crave autonomy over how you treat patients and manage your time? Evaluate these key points to discover if embarking in private practice aligns with the life that you envision for yourself.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Don’t let the logistics scare you 
  • Take charge of your time and efforts 
  • You should be able to have a life AND a private practice 
  • Value other people’s time 
  • Why work if it doesn’t contribute to your goals in life? 
  • Build a life GANTT chart 
  • What is the Ideal Scene for you in private practice?  
  • Explore the Hybrid Model 
  • Get the knowledge and coaching you need BEFORE you need it 
  • Know what to outsource 
  • Ditch the do-it-yourself-er mentality 
  • Don’t settle 
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