Increase Your Revenue with Standard Operating Procedures

Episode 161: How to Increase Your Revenue with Standard Operating Procedures

I know we did an episode on this topic recently, but we have more to say! This is especially relevant for all of our existing clinics out there. Don’t be the therapist who just “happens” to be a practice owner. Establish a viable and expanding practice that adheres to your policies. 

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • You have to be willing to look 
  • SOP’s create certainty 
  • Ask yourself what you can do to 1. Lead 2. Educate 3. Motivate 
  • Wear your CEO hat – know when to outsource 
  • Nurture your employees, referrals, and patients 
  • Make sure your planning is in place (Business Strategic Plan) 
  • Reduce confusion and increase efficiency with: 
    • Onboarding checklist 
    • Firm Policies & Procedures 
    • Hat Folder 
    • Monthly Staff Meetings 
  • Don’t compromise your values 
  • Put your staff first 
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