Episode 159: Relevant Solutions to Common Problems

Bright ideas without applicable tools won’t get you anywhere. Confront what you don’t know and learn what areas of your business you should be focusing on. Remember, in the areas where people lack certainty, many will choose to do nothing. Don’t do nothing – grab the steering wheel of your future!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • A bit of advice: Do NOT do your own Credentialing 
  • Be willing to experience anything 
  • Stop running your practice as a democracy  
  • Don’t get a partner just to solve your problems 
  • Find the right “Why” to the problem by looking, not listening 
  • Know what to outsource 
  • Become the Go-Getter Owner! 
  • Being a good leader isn’t natural – it has to be cultivated 
  • Transparency breeds trust 
  • Organization gives comfort 
  • Hat, Stats and Products 
  • Stay in good communication with your staff 
  • Have games for patients AND staff 
  • Onboarding process: 1st – Good employee 2nd – Good employee in position 
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