Episode 158: Tips & Tools for Better Recruiting, Hiring and Retention

Where do you find dedicated, loyal and accountable employees? Let’s discuss step by step the recruiting, hiring and retention process to learn how to attract the best team players to your thriving private practice company culture. 

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Employees are seeking leadership and stability 
  • For recruiting use APTA website lists, Indeed.com, Facebook Ads, Word-of-mouth, staff referral programs 
  • Don’t be desperate 
  • Be interested versus interesting 
  • 3 Types of Therapists: 
    • New Grad (0-3 out of school) looking for continued education 
    • Advancing (4-9) looking for opportunities to advance 
    • Veteran (10+) looking for flexibility 
  • 5 Phase Hiring Process: 1) Ad writing/resume review  2) Phone screen 3) Interview day 4) Formal interview 5) The Close 
  • Never a negotiation, always a conversation 
  • Let your staff have a conversation with the applicant 
  • Acknowledge and validate for good staff retention 


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