Episode 151: How to Manage Personnel for the Ideal Company Culture Interview with Dr. Larry Benz

Talk about PTs helping PTs! This week we are honored to interview Dr. Larry Benz, CEO of Confluent Health for a riveting discussion on employee management and communication best practices. Learn how to nurture the ideal company culture for the entire team in your clinic.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Larry’s definition of Company Culture: How you behave, think and act when the boss is not around 
  • Culture needs to be nurtured 
  • Employees these days want: 1) a career 2) a cause 3) a community 4) communication 
  • Be creative in your forms of communication  
  • Repeat your message for duplication  
  • Ask them to respond with what they learned 
  • Logic leads to conclusions, but emotion leads to action 
  • Normalize discomfort – push your boundaries 
  • Cognitive skills take deliberate practice 
  • Observe how people respond to you 
  • Observe how much time you spend with your best people 
  • “Give me five” exercise 
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