Episode 148: Everything You Need to Know About the Hybrid Model

Welcome back! Today Brian breaks down everything you need to know about your two options for today’s Hybrid Model. Tune in to understand the specifics and to eradicate any confusion or gray areas so you can evolve your structure into this incredible new model. Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • If you’re looking to Start-up, we got you covered 
  • The Hybrid Model can be set up in multiple ways: 
    • Out-of-network 2 tax ID Hybrid Model VERSUS 
    • In-network Cash-based Hybrid Model (one tax ID) 
  • 93% of our clients who got the Neubie E-Stim ended up getting 2 or more 
  • Medicare doesn’t pay that bad if you provide an abundance of care 
  • Outsource. Your. Billing.  
  • Pay for performance model for your employees 
  • Have a Market Differentiator 
  • We do not recommend going with a registered dietician 
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