Episode 146: Want a Successful Private Practice? Here Are 5 Best Practices

Today, Brian is talking to both his existing and startup owners in private practice in this episode. Remember, “MEG” stands for Management Expansion Group. There’s a whole new set of rules for running a business that you need to be aware of, and Poor mindset = Poor attitude. Tune in to get trained and learn Brian’s secrets for growth, development and expansion.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Ideal business structure: The Hybrid Model 
  • The only thing that’s relevant are your abilities 
  • Get your training at least 6 months before opening your practice 
  • Don’t be too much of a “Do-It-Yourself-er” 
  • It takes money to make money 
  • Lacking trust isn’t good for business 
  • Lack of transparency will lead to poor company culture 
  • Put in STRUCTURE (An Organization Chart that works!) 
  • You NEED a Policies & Procedures Manual 
  • Have an Annual Marketing Plan with 2-month campaigns 
  • Know what to outsource (bookkeeping, billing, accounting, legal) 
  • Web-based virtual training 
  • Build Professional and Community relationships 
Physical Therapy Startup Evaluation

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