Episode 143: Practice Owners Top Billing & Collections Problems

This week, we invite our very own senior personnel from our Credentialing and Billing divisions in MEG! Katie McGinnis and Ali Ferrara share the top reasons why physical therapy owners reach out for help in their respective departments, and what solutions they offer. Tune in to learn the ideal approach to your Billing and Credentialing!  

Episode at a glance: 

  • Top reasons owners come to us for Billing: 
    • Owners simply don’t have Billing knowledge or training 
    • Staff turnover – they don’t possess knowledge to train someone new 
    • Owners often don’t have structure, Systems of Operations, or a way to measure 
  • Top reasons owners come to us for Credentialing: 
    • Lack of knowledge of Credentialing 
    • Lack of time – it can be overwhelming 
    • Specifics in Credentialing are changing EVERY day 
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