Episode 142: Can Billing Changes Help Make Up for 2020?

We start this week’s podcast with gratitude – thank you for joining us on our podcast every week! On today’s episode, Brian reminds his audience that now is truly the time to reassess what is going on in your practice. Let’s create on the future by diving into a crucial division of your company, your Billing! You’ll be amazed how much can change once you get your physical therapy Billing in order… tune in to find out! 

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • A lot of Startups lately (we’ve never had a Startup fail!) 
  • Write up your Ideal Scene 
  • Learn from your failures 
  • Surround yourself with people who add value 
  • A coach brings out the best in you 
  • Lead, Educate and Motivate 
  • You need to prioritize transparency 
  • Run your organization with SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) 
  • Have an OUTSIDE group do a Billing Assessment 
  • Have your Billing Dept structure reviewed  
  • Have the statistics reported to you monthly 
  • Take a closer look at your EMR (has certain functions it MUST be capable of) 
  • Consider adding cash-based services 


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