Episode 140: Tips & Best Practices for Winning the Talent War

Today Brian talks about how to win the “talent war” in the world of employment and personnel. Let’s cut through the noise and get right down to the successful actions. What are the top 10% of practice owners doing right NOW to attract the absolute best personnel? Tune in for a fresh view of the best staff recruiting and retention strategies as we enter 2021.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Put the purpose of giving first 
  • People are attracted to confidence 
  • Your employees notice your priorities 
  • Have a targeted recruitment plan 
  • 5 Phase Hiring Process 
  • The person is more important than the resume 
  • Get comfortable with not always having to give an answer right away 
  • Establish an employee-centered work environment 
  • Organize learning pathways to enhance clinical skills 
  • Aesthetically pleasing environment 
  • Onboarding into company & onboarding into post (with checklists) 
  • Share what the employee can expect from YOU 
  • You need a virtual LMS (Learning Management System) 
  • All Compliance standards must be in place 


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