Episode 138: Understanding the Compliance Behind Internal & External Marketing

Today we kill multiple birds with one stone, so to speak. It’s time to confront what you might have been ignoring to emerge into 2021 poised for success – without making the same mistakes. It’s time to think ahead and learn what strategies you can employ for greater success with your Internal and External Marketing, while remaining Compliant!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Invest in yourself and your staff, personally & professionally! 
  • Beware the Marketing referral program (pot-hole for non-Compliance!) 
  • Internal Marketing – know your brand 
  • For your clinic to stand out:  
    • Can patients schedule appointments through your website? Do you have a HIPAA-compliant app? 
    • Evaluate what your customers really want 
  • Your “market” is anyone within a 30-min drive of your office 
  • Nothing replaces humanity 
  • YOU establish your Company Culture 
  • Patient Care Representative (PCR) = Internal Marketing 
  • Front Desk Coordinator & Therapists are ALSO part of Internal Marketing 
  • PCR should inspire gamification and full engagement in the office 
  • External Marketing: social media, website, radio and newsletters 


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