Episode 137: Compliance Week Talk with Expert Daniel Hirsch, DPT

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We once again welcome Compliance Expert and DPT, Daniel Hirsch, to the podcast to discuss the necessity of having a Compliance Program in your practice. Here’s the secret: NO division of your practice is safe from violation in Compliance (and the penalties are steep!). Therefore, you must take responsibility by getting educated on how to stay compliant – be proactive and prepared.  

Episode at a glance: 

  • People are not allocating enough time to Compliance 
  • For staff and patient safety – you need a Policy & Procedure Manual  
  • Don’t rely on memory to remember guidelines 
  • Must be ongoing and constantly updated  
  • The laws are always in flux and vary state by state 
  • Compliance touches every division of your practice 
  • We tend to ignore the things that we don’t understand 
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