Episode 130: Interview on Expansion Success with Cathy Renkiewicz, DPT

On today’s podcast, we welcome guest Cathy Renkiewicz, DPT and Director of Virginian Rehabilitation and Wellness in Fairfax, VA.

Brian sees it two ways:

1) you can either “wing it” through opening and expanding your practice.

2) you can get the guidance and help that you need, and deserve. Tune in to learn about Cathy’s unique journey and how MEG helped her grow and expand successfully!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • 4 Types of Owners 
  • Transparency breeds trust 
  • We have to take the responsibility to enhance the skills of those on our team 
  • You need structure through Status Sheets and agreed-upon expectations 
  • Be clear about the exchange 
  • The people at your front desk are gold 
  • The 5 Phase Hiring Process involves everyone 
  • The ability to confront is not the same as “confrontation” 
  • You cannot manage over a disagreement 
  • Hiring is not a negotiation, it is a discussion 
  • The more communication, the better 
  • Have a market differentiator 
  • You should have 3 verticals of income in your practice 

Join us on September 24th for our “Roundtable Discussion About Workable Solutions to Real Life Problems; Innovative Concepts From Industry Leaders” Zoom Cast!  

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