Episode 128: Interview with Vikram Sethuraman, Founder of PT Wired

Remember: if you’re not creating 6-12 months out, then you’re not acting as a CEO. Now is the perfect time to meet Vikram, the CEO & Founder of PT Wired! Tune in to learn about PT Wired’s customizable, HIPAA compliant app-based home exercise program and its intuitive marketing and engagement features. Keep it fun, and explore the incredible possibilities with digital tech for physical therapists!  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Customized app – starts as a marketing tool 
  • Fully HIPAA secure  
  • Fun & interactive (gamification)!  
  • Better connecting people to their exercises helps retain them as patients and benefits them in their treatment  
  • Increases level of Compliance 
  • Encourages emphasis on investing in current patients 
  • It takes 60-90 seconds to build out the exercise program on the app (efficient!) 
  • Strengthen return business 
  • They work with the clinic to fill gaps in marketing, patient experience, etc 
  • Functions & includes information like a website 
  • Hundreds of owners are using it!  
  • MEG Academy discount!! *** 


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