Episode 124: Compliance and Ethics Q&A with Expert Daniel Hirsch, DPT

This week we are once again addressing the topic of Compliance rules and regulations, policies & procedures – arguably the weakest area for most PT Owners. Never fear, this stuff isnt rocket science! More times than not, folks run into trouble innocently and accidentally simply from a lack of knowledge of the regulations. As PTs, we know you want to do the right thing and help people, so learn what you dont know to avoid inadvertent mistakes.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Its what you dont know that gets you into trouble 
  • Its best to have a committee with a Compliance Officer and regular meetings – you need a team approach 
  • DH: Formalize a process of onboarding. Detail and record this process. 
  • Your employees need to understand what the standards of practice are 
  • You cannot force someone to get a Covid test 
  • Make sure youre emailing securely 
  • DH: You cant just make up your own rules, you are obligated to follow your contract.  
  • You cannot induce a referral 
  • LMS (Learning Management System)! 
  • Its all about risk management 
  • It costs far less to take preventative measures versus facing a problem/breach 
  • Cybersecurity is very important 


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