Episode 123: What It Means to be Compliant – Are You at Risk?

Today, lets talk about how to put in an ounce of prevention to avoid a pound of pain. Again, we did not go to school for this. On this podcast, Brian reminds his audience that Compliance is mandatory and is constantly changing – it is your responsibility to get the correct data and to stay on top of it. Tune in to learn what policies & procedures you need to put into place in order to apply Compliance to protect yourself, your patients, and your practice.   

Episode at a glance:

  • We are empowered by the freedom of knowledge 
  • If youre a fully compliant Medicare clinic, youre compliant across the board 
  • There is a difference between teaching and training 
  • Physical therapy private practice providers are federally required to be implementing a tailor-made Compliance program 
  • 9/10 of the practice owners we meet are (unknowingly) non-compliant  
  • You need to assign someone to dictate these policies (Compliance officer, committee, etc) 
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