Episode 122: What to Know for Effective Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

It is interesting to consider the ways that the pandemic has not only altered the way that things operate in our country (and worldwide), but the impact that this has on the public psyche. It is crucial now more than ever that our patients feel safe, protected, and advocated for. On this weeks podcast, Brian shares valuable marketing strategies & tools to maintain effective communication and continued support for your patients in this post-pandemic landscape.  

Key Takeaways/Points 

  • Marketing: the mechanical aspect of building your brand and reputation which is delivered directly to your public using the most effective means possible 
  • We must work harder than ever toward flourishing & prospering through our own ingenuity 
  • Re-establish your ideal scene – you have no shot of arriving at your destination if you dont know what it looks like 
  • Create a new logo, add a tagline, and/or find a picture that speaks to who you are as a company 
  • People have their own Brands! 
  • Use various means (ex. A blog or vlog) to reinforce to your public the actions that you are taking to keep them safe 
  • Marketing campaigns should run two months at a time and stay on a consistent theme with the intention of reaching a single audience member at least five times 
  • Be genuine and supportive 
  • Publish a 3-min (or less) Video starring a patient to go on your website and social media that is built around the following sequence: 
  • The patients initial fears and considerations upon entering the clinic 
  • The patients real-life experiences in doing so 
  • The patients outcomes/successes with their therapy 

** This is not a Testimonial video! This is the story of a real-life experience that your patients can identify with.   

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