Episode 121: What You Need to Know to Reopen, Rehire and Refocus

This, of course, will be individualized for everyone – but on today’s podcast, Brian reminds his listeners how to be the Go-Getter owner by refocusing their efforts and applying the changes necessary to have their practice emerge even stronger after the events of 2020. He poses both big-picture concepts and specific actionable items for success. Ask yourself: what is your ideal scene? Tune in to learn how to achieve this.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • Ask yourself: what have I done this year to make a difference with my staff both personally and professionally?
  • You deserve (and need!) the best Billing on your side
  • The need for admin personnel in your office is dwindling in 2020
  • Assimilate this information into your thought process – then understand its application
  • Surround yourself with people who you want to see win
  • This is the time to retool your BRAND
  • Reevaluate the individual members of your staff whom you are looking to bring back – bring back the winners!
  • Update your Policies & Procedures (P&P Manual)
  • Generate 20% of your revenue from cash
  • Consider converting to a shared-risk model which is not just focused on income
  • You have to find the “cocktail” of Marketing strategies that work for you – different for where you are in the country, etc
  • Be self-reliant
  • Planning –> programming –> targeting –> MAPPING (Management Action Plan)
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