Episode 120: Advocating Against Discrimination for Practice Success

Well say it again: it shouldnt require a policy for us to be doing the right thing.” Yet, in light of what were seeing nationwide, we found it necessary to reevaluate how to appropriately handle personnel and practice anti-discrimination in physical therapy. Lets confront this issue to make a safe space for everyone, and learn how to enforce zero-tolerance for discrimination using firm policies in your practice.   

Episode at a glance:

  • Jack up your professional ability to confront these issues.
  • Everyone should have equal opportunity to reach their goals, both personally and professionally.  
  • Just because you havent personally experienced it, doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. 
  • Create your documented policies on Rocket Lawyer. 
  • There is no room for hate in our profession or our world. 
  • Create an environment for everyone to succeed. 
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