Episode 115: What Happens When The PPP Fund Runs Out?

This week, Brian motivates his audience by reminding them of the steps that they can take to internally bring their practice back to where it needs to be for their patients, staff and community. He relays his knowledge of the current state of the PPP and finances as they apply to practice owners based on his research. Tune in to learn details of the PPP fund, your Business Strategic Plan (BSP), and more!

Episode at a glance: 

  • 3 most important actions of business operation moving forward
  • Environment reengineering costs and maintenance 
  • Only adopt the new services that you believe in 
  • Your patient scheduling as it pertains to your weekly volume of the new practice operations 
  • We have to move forward into this new environment like a Startup!  
  • Invest your resources to keep your focus on GROWTH! 
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