Episode 114: Best Practices For a Safe Reopening

Brian kicks off this podcast by acknowledging the undeniable paradigm shift that has happened due to COVID-19: we can no longer operate as we did in the pre-pandemic world. Brian covers topics ranging from the importance of investing in your staff, communication and management as an owner, the PPP fund, and necessary environmental guidelines. Tune in to this tool-heavy podcast to gain a broad perspective of the aspects of your business that you will need to update from the pre-pandemic environment, to the post-pandemic.

Episode at a glance:

  • Your #1 responsibility is to manage the expectations of your staff and your patients as you reopen
  • Develop a system of policies to create a safe environment in your clinic
  • Follow CDC guidelines
  • Have your policies written, and be able to show that you safely opened for business
  • Now is the time to invest in your brand (Marketing!)
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