Episode 113: Things You Probably Missed About Telehealth

In this week’s podcast, Brian is joined by Michael Gorman (PhD, PT, DMT), one of our very own Executive Coaches at MEG, a former client, and Founder/Owner of iMOVETelePT. iMOVETelePT supplies a wealth of knowledge on Telehealth and serves as an excellent example of how to correctly implement it. The two discuss the importance of work/life balance as an Owner & CEO, and address specific elements of Physical Therapy Telehealth that many people might have missed…

Key Takeaways/Points

  • You have to invest in yourself to be a good leader, and improve your self-awareness
  • How is iMOVETelePT different?
  • First you have to know your Practice Act, and then Reimbursement model
  • The PT Compact (25 – 28 states)
  • Telehealth is here to stay
  • Diversify your services (at least 3 revenue streams)
  • Quotes from APTA and CMS on Telehealth details
  • Return on investment in Telehealth? There can be a tremendous ROI, especially during these times when we are being reimbursed
  • How to get people on board with Telehealth
  • Shared-risk model
  • You don’t have to be all in! If 20% of your annual production is through Telehealth, you’re in great shape
  • Telehealth is a brand new world – use the Billing EXPERTS!
  • Talk with your Insurance agent to make sure you’re covered for Cybersecurity!




(636) 578-6349 (Mike’s number)

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