Episode 112: 5 Tips on How to Avoid a “Personnel Pandemic”


In this week’s podcast, Brian hits the refresh button. These podcasts are for YOU, the audience. Therefore, Brian opens himself up to receive any feedback you may have for us about our podcast! He then gets to the meat of the issue and focuses his audience’s attention on what is most important… your physical therapy STAFF! Tune in to learn Brian’s top 5 tips (and more!) on how to best utilize your staff during these times and while under the PPP to avoid losing those that you value most in your business.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • You cannot manage over a disagreement
  • Allow your staff to participate in your decision making – include them in the process!
  • Think like an entrepreneur!
  • We are not unlike the restaurant that is opening with 50% of their tables
  • TRAIN YOUR STAFF, now is the best time!
  • Option A: If you know that in the 8 weeks of the PPP you are not going to get above 70-75% of your caseload back, do not bring everybody back in only to lay them off again. Be fiscally responsible. You should hire back only the people you need to meet the demands, and scale your business up. As you do, you can bring the appropriate people back to meet those demands.
  • Option B: If you do think you’ll be getting 70-75% or greater of your caseload back, then by all means, bring everybody back! Put an emphasis on marketing and creating a safe community to bring your patients back in.

Tip #1: Group staff meeting to set new expectations of how the practice will operate post-pandemic (ex. Through Zoom! We send out weekly updates).

Tip #2: Individual staff meetings to re-establish your staff with new status sheets laying out the shared risk model for your group moving forward.

Tip #3: Exercise rehiring Option A or Option B, depending on where you are in the country and how hard your area has been hit.

Tip #4: Consult your new “Play Book” as part of your Policies & Procedures manual that addresses environment, personnel, and practice management.

Tip #5: Your new business model must include cash-based services with the goal of 20% of yearly GI, and Telehealth services with the goal of 20% of production.

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