Episode 111: What Really Matters Right Now? Everything An Owner Should Know

This week, Brian attempts to break from the ongoing drama by addressing what a practice owner should know on the topic of leadership. He steers the focus away from the minutiae of how to spend your PPP money (we’ve been talking about this for a while) and more towards stabilizing your business in terms of training, organizing and developing to emerge from this pandemic stronger. Everyone is contending with this situation differently, so Brian encourages his listeners to proceed with humility, empathy and respect.

Key Takeaways/Points

  • If you have PPP money but not enough for your employees to do, INVEST in their training and education!
  • Education is important, but there’s always room to strengthen your application skills
  • Do not strive to be “right” at the expense of another
  • Post your new safety procedures so your patients feel safe
  • Diversify your perspective
  • As a physical therapist, you should aim to provide an abundance of care to every patient
  • Do not compare hardships, but strive to practice empathy
  • Re-evaluate your company’s structure! It will need to accommodate the new environment coming out of this
  • Change your practice strategy!
  • Re-calibrate your staff’s focus to your new goals!
  • COMMUNICATE with your staff – use a Status Sheet!
  • Now is the time to change EVERYTHING




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