Episode 109: Getting to the Bottom of Billing

On this podcast, Brian dives into what is needed from a physical therapist’s perspective for a very important division – Billing & Collections. He explores the benefits of going with a smaller PT billing group, and how to get to the bottom of the problems you could face in your billing – as PTs weren’t trained to do this! In order to have the best billing service and the best practice, you need to take responsibility and be “at Cause” over your billing.


  • Taking what your billing dept. says for 100% true, is the first mistake you could make – unless you audit
  • Always ask WHY something is the way it is, and get the facts
  • Inspect your finance line at least twice a year
  • Monthly staff meetings with Finance Dept. is key
  • We operate this department with a high level of communication
  • It is in your best interest to put your billing in the hands of professionals who do exclusively physical therapy
  • Don’t ever let one person be accountable for everything in this department
  • Do you have the expertise to do your billing? If not, think of out-sourcing
  • If you’re paying 9%, you’re paying too much
  • No overhead with out-sourced billing!
  • Do not fix other people’s errors – send them back to the person who made it for them to fix

Resources mentioned:

  • Email: info@megbusiness.com
  • Article from Impact Magazine: Click Here
  • FREE Billing Assessment form: Click Here
  • Tune in to our live Zoom Chat on Thurs (4/16) at 4:30pm (EST), where we will be joined by key members of our Billing Team! We will share a link on our Facebook page on the day of the zoom chat.

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