Episode 109: Getting to the Bottom of Billing

On this podcast, Brian dives into what is needed from a physical therapist’s perspective for a very important division – Billing & Collections. He explores the benefits of going with a smaller billing group, and how to get to the bottom of the problems you could face in your billing – as physical therapists weren’t trained to do it! In order to have the best billing service and the best practice, you need to take responsibility and be “at Cause” over your billing.

Episode at a glance:

  • Inspect your finance line at least twice a year
  • Monthly staff meetings with Finance Dept. is key
  • We operate this department with a high level of communication
  • Don’t ever let one person be accountable for everything in this department
  • If you’re paying 9%, you’re paying too much
  • Do not fix other people’s errors – send them back to the person who made it for them to fix
Physical Therapy Billing Test

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