Episode 108: The Opportunity for Change is NOW

Life has been crazy for all of us within the past few weeks. In this week’s podcast, Brian addresses physical therapy Compliance and strives to give his audience the means to raise the bar and think outside the box during these deeply transitional times. Tune in for advice on how to re-examine your life and ask yourself: “Am I living my life to my maximum potential?” It’s your turn – now is the BEST opportunity for change in your business. 


  • This week = Compliance 
  • NO better time to start a business than right now
  • Generate 20% of your revenue through cash-based services
  • Hybrid restructuring for your business to capture innovative services
  • First, you’ve got to invest in yourself and your team
  • Check out our live Zoom Chat from 4/7 to hear from Daniel Hirsch (the king of Compliance!) on YouTube
  • Best businesses to come out of financial crisis do NOT miss window of time to train and invest in your staff
  • Goal: increase consistency and responsibility within your clinic
  • To help you with this, we want to give back by offering discounts on MEG Academy training so you can educate your staff (contact us for more info!)
  • Develop your environmental game plan
  • Try to get your PPP application in this week
  • This is the time when personal integrity matters the most

Important Links and Info:

Zoom Chat 4/7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzJtlvA0IcE

Daniel Hirsch: dhirsch3@gmail.com

Daniel Seidler: at TelePT Solutions https://teleptsolutions.com

Quinn Worton: www.ptunited.com



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