Episode 107: Cash-Based Services To Help You Survive the Pandemic

On this week’s podcast, we welcome two Guest Speakers! Jason Waz (DPT, NeuPTTech) and Jillian Warwick (NTP, LiveWellBeyond.com, nutritional therapist) join Brian to discuss cash-based service options to help get practice owners through these challenging times. Remember, Brian recommends that 20% of your gross income be cash-based. 

Episode at a glance:

Jason Waz:

  • In a way, the Neubie E-Stim technology allowed him to be somewhat prepared for this pandemic
  • Cash-based referrals have not slowed down
  • Neubie E-Stim: pulse-direct current device that addresses the Autonomic nervous system
  • Can improve overall health through the nervous system.
  • Improves Heart-rate variability (HRV).
  • The machine system is mobile.

Jillian Warwick:

  • Not a one-size-fits-all meal plan
  • Finds out what works best for your body, bio-individuality
  • Holistic approach 
  • Root causes to certain symptoms
  • Offers protocols that address specific issues (inflammation, digestion, hormonal health, anti-aging, etc)
  • Can easily be done virtually, schedule is flexible

Jason Waz information: Website: https://neupttech.com

Jillian Warwick information: Website: livewellbeyond.com

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