Episode 106: How to Adapt & Evolve Your Practice in a Crisis

This week, Brian discusses what you can do now to help your patients by taking new actions to keep up with the ever-changing circumstances of physical therapy during Covid-19. He attempts to steer the mentality away from hoarding and cost-cutting, and more towards growth and perseverance in business. You need to “out-create” it by expanding and strengthening your practice. Tune in for tips on how to adapt and evolve your business in response to this crisis, and beyond.

Episode at a glance:

  • Personal integrity – doing the right thing, even when no one else agrees
  • Now is the best time to change old ways, and even to open a practice!
  • 3 most important things in practice: a) driving new business to your door b) enhancing employee satisfaction c) giving back to your referral sources – Focus on these!
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