Episode 105: The Difference Between E-Visits & Telehealth: What to Know

In light of current global events, Brian tackles a topic of major relevance and concern: telehealth and e-visits. He covers some specifics that practice owners should be aware of as they explore this avenue for patient care? Brian addresses common questions that we have been receiving from clients at this challenging time. Tune in to get Brian’s helpful tips and advice. Please note, he uses the APTA guidelines as a source for this podcast.

Episode at a glance:

  • We want you connected to legitimate resources
  • You can market that you’re doing e-visits, however you can not put people on them. They have to initiate the desire to do them.
  • You will still need to have appropriate documentation to show medical necessity. 
  • For more information on setting up telehealth and compliance issues, reach out to TelePT Solutions, or email Daniel Seidler.
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