Episode 47: Recruiting Strategies That Actually Work

For 10 years Brian ran a staffing company in the state of Maryland. He staffed Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists throughout the entire state. By the end of his 10 years, he averaged approximately 5 to 7 interviews a week – his most popular phrase being “the business with the most players wins.” At that time, only two out of every five interview were worth the interview and one was worth the hire. 

Fast forward to today, and there are new challenges in the workforce: unrealistic expectations, lack of professionalism, lack of confidence in one’s abilities and a group mentality by the younger generation of workers entering into our professions. However, with rising student loan debt placing increased pressure for higher salaries, it can easily become a rat race to the offer the most money to a limited number of candidates. In reality, it’s a race to the bottom for YOU, the employer. Hiring individuals who are money focused will result in nothing but headaches and pressure within the employer-employee relationship. This week, Brian shares his top 12 strategies for recruiting the best candidates. 

Episode at a glance:

  • Remain “at cause” of others. The minute you think you need an employee more than they need you, you’ve lost your position of being “at cause” over the interview process.
  • Interviewing 24/7/365 – regardless of whether there is an open position or not. Your goal should be to have three folders deep for every position in your company.
  •  Place your emphasis on company culture so you attract people who are well-liked.
  • 12 strategies for solid recruiting including referral programs, social media, online job sites, hiring multiple recruiters, local PT schools, 
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