Ep.131: The Truth Behind the Proposed 9% Medicare Cut

On today’s podcast, Brain is ready to have a discussion and drill down to the core of what’s really behind this 9% cut. As an advocate and member of the APTA, he refers to some of their material on the topic. It’s time to get positive – and change your operating basis. Tune in for some stabilizing advice & info on what this thing is and what to do about it.  

 Episode at a glance: 

  • Pay for what you use 
  • Get your payroll under 60% of your total gross income – cut overhead 
  • This cut = the conversion factor 
  • Understand your RVUs (Relative Value Units) 
  • You need 20% of your revenue to come from cash-based services 
  • 40% increase in 5 year’s time for PT services 
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