Give Thanks for Physical Therapy

An Attitude of Gratitude in Your Private Practice

We find real value in digging in and embracing the things we’re thankful for, and, even though it may be the middle child of the holidays, Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder! Gratitude can strengthen relationships with your patients and staff and show appreciation for them.

We hope these tips will make it easy for you to show gratitude in your private practice this month and throughout the upcoming year.

Support Your Community

Supporting your local community is an easy way to give back to the place that supports your private practice business. Here are some simple ways to thank your community!

Sponsor Community Events

It can be challenging to fundraise for community events, so organizers will be extra grateful if you choose to sponsor their community project. Contact your local chamber of commerce if you need ideas for projects asking for volunteers or financial support.

Help Welcome New Community Members

Your local chamber might have a welcome wagon or new resident swag program, and donating branded merch to this is a great way for you to say hello to new community members as well.

Take Time to Clean Up

Sponsor a section of roadway and take some team-building time throughout the year to beautify your community. It’s a great way to play an active role in your local neighborhood.

Sponsor a Food Bank

In-kind donations flood food banks during this time of year, and they don’t always have the volunteer staff needed to sort, package and get that food into the hands of the community. Consider a cash drive to support your local food bank or give the team a paid day to volunteer at the food banks to help feed your community.

Thank Your Patients

Your patients are the lifeblood of your business, so taking some time to show them your gratitude will pay dividends throughout the year!

Send Handwritten Thank You’s

Hand-written thank you notes delivered via snail mail are becoming more and more uncommon and all the more effective because of it! 

A personalized card signed by the patient’s care team thanking them for partnering with you for their care, especially a handwritten one, shows you’re willing to take the time to acknowledge their progress.

Festive Giveaways

Participation in care plans can waver during the holidays for even the most dedicated patient. There is so much more to juggle this season, from shopping to cooking and entertaining family. Doing a giveaway of a prepared meal is a great way to show thanks to the patients that continue to make time for their care, and allows you to give back some time in return.

Thank Your Staff

Your private practice staff works hard all year, so don’t forget to include them while you’re planning your gratitude activities this year. 

Investing in your team and offering them additional training and growth opportunities is one way to show your gratitude all year long.

We’re Thankful for You

We know being a physical therapy owner comes with its own set of challenges, and we’re thankful to be your resource as you continue to uncover opportunities for impact across your operations! 

Want more things to be thankful for this holiday season? Let MEG Academy show you how to start working ON your business, rather than IN it! Learn how to improve your practice with our robust virtual training platform!

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