Brian Gallagher, PT is a respected leader within the physical therapy practice management community.

He has spoken at CSM, PPS, WebPT’s Ascend Conference, at the collegiate level including University of Nebraska and Daemon College; as well as various state conferences including Maryland, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

Topics he’s presented on include:

  • Scalable Marketing Strategies
  • Innovative Tools for your Practice’s Success
  • Successful Staff Management, Staff Leadership, and Staff Incentive Programs
  • Internal and External Marketing
  • Bridging the Gap between Student and Professional Physical Therapy Practice
  • Forming Strategic Alliances with Patients, Physicians and the Community
  • Success in Private Practice
  • Successful Front Desk Management Strategies

“Brian did an amazing job presenting his information. It is his second lecture I have attended and very much enjoyed both classes.” 

PPS PreCon Attendee Feedback

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