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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Physical Therapy Billing

In order to improve efficiencies, communication and the overall patient experience, physical therapy practices often make the decision to outsource their billing operations and revenue cycle management rather than keep it in-house. 

Alongside the billing expertise that instantly bolts onto your practice, there are many great reasons why private practices hire specialists to take this burden off their shoulders. Even before any in-house billing frustrations begin, consider these important reasons to outsource your physical therapy billing.

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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Physical Therapy Billing Operations:

  1. Production Doesn’t Stop – Billing doesn’t stop when your biller is out sick or on vacation. Unfortunately, for physical therapy practices that rely on a full-time employee – this is often the case. An outsourced PT Biller will always be “on” and working for you. Plus, there is built-in transparency – for example, a specialist medical billing company will supply you with comprehensive performance reports automatically on a monthly basis. This capability grants you unparalleled visibility into your billing operations without requiring you to micromanage – or even oversee any of its operations.
  1. Get Paid Faster – Leaving your physical therapy billing to the specialists reduces billing errors significantly and ensures you’re reimbursed faster. This creates a stronger cash flow, getting a faster turnaround payment time from the insurance companies. Physical Therapy Billing Solution Providers follow consistent processes to ensure that billing is sent, followed up in a timely manner and all reimbursements are correct when posting.
  1. Turn Stress into Focus – Your physical therapy billing team should stay up to date on payer billing updates and guidelines so that you can stay focused on your business. If you outsource, you no longer have that on your plate to track and you can leave it to the experts. Physical Therapy Billing Solution Providers stay consistent so you never have to worry about a sick day, maternity leave, office closed for weather, etc. because your team of professionals will ensure that your claims are billing, worked and managed no matter what is happening directly in your office.
  1. Replace Overhead with ROI – By keeping your physical therapy billing operations in-house, private practices must hire and onboard a full-time billing specialist, meaning you have to pay salary, benefit packages, office supplies/equipment, and training. When you outsource, that cost is greatly reduced, and you have an expert handling one of the most vital parts of your practice, saving you money in the process. Our team has years of experience in Physical Therapy Billing and continues to gain knowledge, take courses and certifications to stay ahead of the ever-changing physical therapy insurance game. 
  1. Keep Patients Happy – Every decision a physical therapy practice makes is centered around how it will affect the patient experience. Outsourcing your billing leaves your patient claims in the best hands to be processed correctly for payment. It also gives your clinic staff more time to focus on patient care and customer service. By increasing efficiency and improving productivity, your team of therapists and admin staff provides top notch customer care and patient engagement while letting the billing experts handle all billing and collections.

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